MYHOMEBOX, the Home Automation hub from Clue Technologies B.V., was evaluated for cyber security by DEKRA.
Amsterdam, 26 February 2018 - In Q2 2018, Clue Technologies B.V. will debut their new home automation gateway, MYHOMEBOX. The MYHOMEBOX multi-protocol gateway allows consumers to take control of a large range of existing and upcoming home automation products through one app. Now that MYHOMEBOX has passed security evaluation by DEKRA, it has proven to be one of the most secure home automation gateways on the market.

Security by design
The MYHOMEBOX platform has been built from the ground up around the ‘security by design' philosophy. On every layer of the platform, security has been at the forefront of development.

And with good reason.

With the rise of the internet of things, consumers are handing over control of their home to a large number of different manufacturers of IoT devices, without any guarantee that their privacy or security is being considered.

Especially for home automation gateways, as the central hubs interconnecting those devices, it is vital to have a properly secured platform in order to safeguard the customer's data and privacy.

Your data, your property
IoT devices process and collect a large number of privacy-sensitive data of their users. As such securing the home automation gateway is vital in order to safeguard the privacy of the user. Within the MYHOMEBOX platform, all data of the user remains the property of the user. MYHOMEBOX uses industry-standard encryption and has taken measure to make sure that no data will ever leave the MYHOMEBOX platform if the user doesn't permit it.

Furthermore, regulations on IoT Privacy and Security within the EU, such as the Cyber Security Act, are in the process of being rolled out. With the MYHOMEBOX platform, Clue Technologies made sure to align their solution with these regulations, and are one of the first parties to do so.

But don't take our word for it
Even when designing with security in mind, it is vital to have a third party test the product. A party who goes the extra mile in finding every single security issue they can find.

Clue Technologies wanted to be sure that the MYHOMEBOX platform is as secure as possible and have contracted the DEKRA pentesting team to go that extra mile.

To ensure the security of the system, DEKRA's pentesting team has evaluated 214 cases ranging from evaluation of the mobile apps, cloud services, as well as the hardware and firmware of the MYHOMEBOX gateway.

DEKRA pentesting procedures are aligned with OWASP methodology, which is one of the best well recognized open standards for penetration testing.

After evaluation at DEKRA, MYHOMEBOX received a report showing all evaluation cases and their results, including mitigation proposals for each weakness identified that help us to improve the security of the MYHOMEBOX at both hardware and software level. After making these changes and checking the updated version of the system again at DEKRA Clue Technologies and MYHOMEBOX can state that MYHOMEBOX is secure.

DEKRA can help companies in assessing the safety and security of their products. DEKRA's cyber security competence center in Mala Spain offers product security evaluations and certification. The company's cyber security experts have profound knowledge of the very latest developments in cyber security and hardware and software attack methods.
Together with various other organizations, DEKRA participates in standardization committees and working groups that develop international cyber security standards.

GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2018
MYHOMEBOX will be presented at the co-exhibit of SGW Global and the ULE Alliance in Barcelona at the GSMA Mobile World Congress.

Join MYHOMEBOX at the ULE Alliance stand. Hall 8.0 Stand 8.0 G10. Fira Gran Via.

About Clue Technologies B.V.
Clue Technologies B.V. in Amsterdam builds software and hardware for home automation controllers. MYHOMEBOX is the first home automation gateway product to be released as an OEM under this brand. The aim of Clue Technologies is to make home automation available to more people by making the use of these products less expensive and more user friendly.

About the MYHOMEBOX platform
The MYHOMEBOX platform contains of a home automation gateway with MYHOMEBOX is a Home automation hub controlling old and new home automation devices using several different communication protocols.

MYHOMEBOX is certified for: - Z-Wave
- ZigBee
- Bluetooth 4.0

And supports:
- WiFi 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz - 433 MHz
- 868 MHz

In addition, the MYHOMEBOX has an Android and iOS app connected over your own network or outside of your home via the secured Amazon Cloud.